Difficulties Placing An Order Online

When placing an order for a Quicken product, it is important to have the following information:

  • Priority code: If you do not know your priority code, click Continue Checkout after entering all of your Billing and Shipping Information. If you receive an error message, click Continue Checkout a second time, and you will be able to continue.
  • ZIP Code: ZIP Codes must match the state and country that you select. For example, if you enter Colorado, then your ZIP Code cannot be a California ZIP Code. If the order form does not accept your nine-digit ZIP Code, then enter just the first five.
  • Note: Canadian international postal codes must match the province that is selected, and Canada must be selected as the country. If you select a military "state," you must enter the correct ZIP code and select USA for the country.
  • Credit Card: If you have problems entering your credit card information, please be sure the name and expiration date you have entered are exactly as they appear on the card itself. If you still have problems with the Web site accepting your ZIP Code or credit card, send us an e-mail. The Quicken team will respond within 24 hours. If you want to speak with an agent, you can request a callback. An agent will call you within 10 minutes. Callbacks are available between 5 A.M. and 5 P.M., Pacific time, Monday through Friday.
  • Cookies: HTTP cookies are small bits of data that a Web page leaves with a browser and they are stored on a computer either in memory or on the hard drive. Cookies cannot be used to "see" any other data on the user's computer, nor can they determine the user's e-mail address or identity. Cookies must be enabled for this site to work properly.

If you need assistance adjusting your cookie settings, information about cookie settings for a variety of browsers is available.

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