Error Online Backup LA2810: NoRedirector


When attempting to run an online backup, the online backup utility may returns the following message:

LA2810: Redirector Server unavailable (or inaccessible due to firewall), Stand by


LA2810: NoRedirector


This error typically indicates that your Internet connection is not available, you are using a hardware-based firewall that has Port 443 and/or Port 16841 blocked for outgoing TCP connections, or you are not connected to the Internet or your connection is experiencing problems outside of your control.


If you are attempting to install or use Quicken Online Backup behind a hardware-based firewall, you will need to open a connection to communicate to hostname on TCP port number 443 and 16841 for outgoing TCP/IP connections only.  If this is your home computer and you are using a router or modem with a built-in firewall, please refer to the router or modem documentation for assistance.

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