Error When Performing Online backup or Restoring Data File: LA 2287

When trying to perform the Quicken Online Backup or Restore process of the data file, the following error occurs:

Error LA 2287

This message indicates that there is insufficient free hard drive space available on the computer used for the Quicken Online Backup process.

Quicken Online Backup requires a minimum of the total backup size plus 60 MB free "Swap Space" to complete the backup process. For example, if the Online Backup account is a 1 GB account, you will need 1 GB plus 60 MB of free hard drive space on the computer system performing the Online Backup operation. The Online Backup application creates encrypted archives on the PC before transmitting the data to the Quicken Online Backup servers. These files are temporarily stored until the Online Backup process completes.

This issue is also known to occur when restoring Online Backups. Performing the restore process on Quicken data files temporarily uses hard drive space to download the encrypted files and then decompresses them.

To resolve this issue, create enough space on the hard drive of the computer performing the backup or restore process.

Note: Refer to your computer's operating system Help and Support documentation for details on determining available hard drive space, and if necessary how to increase available hard drive space.