Future Prices or Transactions in an Investment Account

In Quicken, a "future price" is a security price in the Price History list that is dated later than today. Future prices can cause a discrepancy between the market value in an investment register and the market value in the Portfolio View because the market value on investment registers is calculated using the latest price of securities from the Price History list, while the Portfolio View calculates the market value using the prices from the date that is selected in the As Of field. 

Forecasting is the most common reason that future prices exist in a Quicken file. In order to estimate different financial and tax situations, the Portfolio View can be set to a future date, and then security prices can be updated (forecasted) for that date. For example, you might have stock options in a stock you already hold, and you want to see the effect of exercising those options at a future date when the price will be different. You can change the date in the Portfolio View to a future time when you might sell the option, and then evaluate the potential gain or loss by entering various market prices for that security. This is a useful exercise and a great way to maximize Quicken's investment functionality. However, you may want to delete the future prices when the exercise is over.