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Did the online issue begin recently?

If the issue began recently and it is not a result of upgrading Quicken versions, then it's probably a momentary server hiccup. We recommend trying again later.

Which method do you use to download from your financial institution?

There are three ways to download your data into Quicken:

  • If you open a Web browser and log in to your financial institution's website, you use Web Connect. Follow the troubleshooting steps in the Web Connect troubleshooting.
  • If you use One Step Update to download directly from within Quicken, you use Express Web Connect or Direct Connect. Continue with the following troubleshooting question.

Are only some of your accounts affected?

If only some of your accounts are not working, follow these instructions

If none of your accounts are working, follow these instructions:

Has any software been installed on the computer recently?

If Quicken stopped working after you installed another program, the new program could be interfering with Quicken. If you installed a security program, such as a firewall, pop-up blocker, or privacy program, see Connectivity troubleshooting.

Could this issue be caused by a firewall setting?

You can perform a quick test to determine if a firewall is blocking Quicken from accessing the Internet. Visit your bank's website and confirm you can access it.

If you are not able to access their website, see Configuring firewalls. Note: In some cases, a firewall will block Quicken's access to the Internet even if you can open the bank's website successfully. If you can open it, the problem might not be a firewall setting.

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