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Why am I being asked to share my product usage with Quicken? Are you keeping track of my transactions?

Quicken strives to continually improve your experience with our products. One of the ways we do this is by gathering feedback from people like you through our opt-in program.

By choosing to participate, you're allowing the product to send us limited information about your Quicken experience. Rest assured, no personal information (such as passwords, personal bank account information, etc.) will be shared with us. Some examples of what will be shared include:

  • What feature(s) you use
  • Whether a menu was opened or closed
  • Online banking connectivity success rate

The online banking connectivity success rates we collect help us figure out what the problem is when you cannot connect to your financial institution. In some cases, we can fix the problem ourselves; in other cases, the data we collect helps us work with a financial institution to get the problem fixed on their systems. The diagnostic information we collect is stored on our Quicken servers. Examples of what is collected include what the error code is, where in Quicken the error occurred, and a unique anonymous user identifier to help us gauge how many people are being affected by the error.

By sharing this information, you're helping not only us but fellow Quicken customers make this the best product it can be. As always, your security is our top priority. For full details on Quicken's Privacy policy go to our Privacy Website.

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