How to Delete Property Names from the Mileage Tracker in Quicken Rental Property Manager

The Property names that appear in Vehicle Mileage Tracker come from your Property List.  While you have the choice to delete these entries from your data file, we don't recommend doing so.  Delete will remove the Property and all of its transaction history.  You may find you need that information at a later date.

Instead, we recommend that you Hide these entries.  Quicken will hide the Property from being viewed in:

  • Rent Center
  • Profit/Loss page in the Rental Property tab
  • Property List
  • Mileage Tracker
  • Tax Schedule
  • Schedule E Reports
  • List of properties displayed in Enter Rent, Enter Expense, Enter Other Income, Add Tenant, and Edit Tenant dialogs

To Hide the Property from the List:

  1. Select Properties > Show Property List from the Rental Property menu or tab
  2. Click on the Property you wish to hide and choose Edit
  3. Click the Hide Property checkbox
  4. Click OK
  5. Repeat for all Properties you wish to Hide in Quicken

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