How do I Contribute to a savings goal

You contribute to a savings goal by transferring money from a bank account (usually a checking or savings account) to your savings goal account. The ending balance of your bank account appears to be reduced by the amount you contribute. But remember that in this case the ending balance isn't the true balance of your account, because the savings goal money never really leaves your account.

Also, transferring money to a savings goal account doesn't affect your net worth.

1. Click the Planning tab.

2. Click the Savings Goals button.

3. Click Contribute in the savings goal you want to add money to.

4. Enter the date, select the account to transfer money from, and then enter the amount to contribute.

  • About multiple currencies
    If you've created a savings goal in a different currency from the amount you're contributing, your contribution behaves like a transfer between accounts of different currencies.

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