How do I Delete An Account

What if you make a mistake? You can always start over. But don't delete an account just because you close the real-world checking or brokerage account. You'll lose all that historical data. Better to hide it.

  • Delete an account
    • Choose Tools menu > Accounts List.
    • Click the Edit button next to the account you want to delete.
    • In the Account Details dialog, click Delete Account.
    • In the confirmation dialog, type Yes.
    • Click OK.


    Deleting an account permanently removes that account's records from your file. Once you delete an account, there's no way to recover the account or the information about your transactions that it contained. In addition, Quicken deletes the account name from the Category field of all transactions that have transfers to the account. These transactions appear as uncategorized transactions in reports.

    In most cases, we recommend that you hide or close an account instead.

  • Close out a linked checking account (applies only to Quicken versions that include investing features)
    • Choose Tools menu > Accounts List.
    • Click the Edit button next to the investment account for which there is an existing linked checking account (Your Quicken investment account's cash transactions and cash balance are typically tracked together in the investment transaction list. Alternatively, you can track these items in a separate cash flow account that is linked with the investment account).
    • In the Account Details dialog, click the General tab.
    • For the Show cash in a linked checking account option, click No.
    • Click OK.


    When you click OK, Quicken transfers all cash transactions into the investment account's transaction list and deletes the existing linked checking account.

    If your linked checking account included transfers from other cash flow accounts, these may affect your ending cash balance. You can either restore your backup file (recommended) or resolve the difference by editing the cash transactions in your investment account.

    This procedure is relevant only to Quicken versions that include investing features.

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