How do I enter emergency records information

Enter information about an important document as soon as you receive it or make significant changes to it. Enter information about an important event as soon as it happens. Make updating your records part of the process, so that you're not really finished until you've entered the information in Quicken.

  1. If you need to install Emergency Records Organizer, take a look at the installation instructions on the Quicken Support website.
  2. Choose Property & Debt menu > Emergency Records Organizer.
  3. Click the Create/Update Records tab.
  4. In the Select an area drop-down list, select a type of record. 

    • Where?
      The topics available for your selected area are displayed in the topic panel.5.In the Select a topic list, select a topic.
  5. In the Select a topic list, select a topic.
  6. Enter the appropriate information in the records panel.
  7. Click Save when you're finished.
  8. Click New Record to add additional records for the same topic. (Optional) 


  • The Notes field in the Emergency Records Organizer is designed to hold a maximum of 199 characters. Spaces are also counted as characters.
  • This is a program limitation. When the Emergency Records Organizer is opened for the first time, all of the accounts are added then. Afterward, no new accounts can be added. However, you can add a new record to an existing account or to the generic Other Accounts.

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