How do I get help for Quicken Services

Because Quicken does not provide these services directly—but only connects you with the service providers—Intuit doesn't handle support for these services. If you use a service from within Quicken and need assistance with it, go to the provider's website and seek help. The process to do this is different for every provider, but generally you should look for a link to either Support or Help on the website.

1. Click the Tips & Tutorials tab.

2. If it's not already selected, click the Quicken Services button.

3. Choose the service that you need help with by clicking the link to that service.

4. Go to the website for that service to access help or support.


Each service offers different types and levels of help, so browse the website for the available customer support options.

You can also obtain support information for Quicken Bill Pay and Quicken MasterCard on the Contact Intuit and others page.