How do I manually enter information in the Tax Planner

To get the most accurate estimate of your taxes, you might decide to fine-tune the values in the Tax Planner. You can manually enter projected amounts for information you choose not to track in Quicken (remember to enter a full year's worth), and you can edit any amounts that Quicken has filled in for you.

1. Click the Planning tab.

2. Click the Tax Center button.

3. Click Show Tax Planner.

4. Set your filing status, tax year, and scenario.

  • Why is this important?
    Enter your filing status and tax year before you make any other entries. This information affects automatic calculations throughout the Tax Planner because your tax rate is based on your filing status.

5. On the left side of the page, select the appropriate topic. Click the matching topic below to learn more.

Enter my and/or my spouse's wages and salaries
Enter interest and/or dividend income
Enter business income
Enter capital gains and losses
Enter other income
Enter adjustments to income
Enter deductions
Enter exemptions
Enter other taxes and/or credits
Enter withholding amounts
Enter estimated tax payments
Understand the Tax Planner Summary page

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