How do I open the category list and view my categories?

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The Category List displays the categories, subcategories, and accounts in the current file.

  • Categories are bold; subcategories are listed in regular (non-bold) text directly below their parent category.
  • Account names appear within [square brackets] on the Transfers tab. Assigning an account name as a category to a transaction is how you transfer money between your Quicken accounts.
  • Category names that begin with an underscore (_) are used by Quicken (for example, in investment transactions), and are hidden by default. Quicken adds these categories as necessary, and you can't edit or delete them.

    The category type is based on its designation as an income or expense category. You have a limited ability to change category types; see About changing category types.
  1. Choose Tools menu > Category List. Use the tabs on the left to select the full list of categories (All Categories), or a subset (such as Personal Income or Personal Expenses).
  2. Click the  icon at the top of the list scrollbar to customize the columns displayed in the list. (Optional)
  3. Use the Show drop-down list at the top of the window to fine-tune the view of your list (for example, to show only tax-related categories). (Optional)
  4. Use the Category List to:

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