How do I record a stock dividend (noncash dividend)?

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Use the Stock Dividend (noncash) dialog to record a dividend in the form of additional shares instead of cash. Unlike cash dividends (or reinvested cash dividends), most stock dividends are nontaxable. The company issuing the stock dividend will inform you whether it is taxable.

Enter a taxable stock dividend as a reinvested dividend.

1. Open the account you want to use.

2. Click Enter Transactions.

3. In the Enter Transaction list, choose Div - Stock Dividend (noncash).

4. Use this dialog to record a stock dividend you've received. Click a link below for more information.

  • New shares issued per share
    Enter the number of new shares issued per share. For example, if you receive 0.05 share per existing share, you would enter .05.

5. Click Enter/New to enter another transaction, or Enter/Done to finish.

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