How do I set up different types of alerts

If you want to be alerted by Quicken to some change in your finances or some action you need to take, you need to set up the alerts you want to receive. Once you've done so, Quicken keeps track of the necessary dates or amounts and lets you know when and how you need to take action.

Select the type of alert you wish to set up:

Create a bill, income, paycheck, or transfer reminder
Create an online payment instruction
Create an investment reminder
Create a calendar note
Set up financial alerts
Set up investment alerts
Add a note or follow-up flag to a register transaction


Some financial alerts are set for you by Quicken (such as the tax alerts) and appear unless you explicitly turn them off.

To set up a check reorder reminder, choose Tools menu > Alerts Center. The Check Reorder Notice is found in the Banking section of the Setup tab.


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