How do I set up or edit a Watch List?

To track the price of a security you can set up a Watch List.

  • To view or edit the Watch List
    1. Click the Investing tab.

    2. Click the Portfolio button.

    3. In the Portfolios List, scroll down to find the Watch List.

    4. To view the Watch List, click it.

    5. To edit the Watch List, click the word (edit) that appears next to it.

    6. In the Security List, find the security you want to add or remove from the Watch List.

    7. In the Watch column, click to add or remove the security from the Watch List.


To view the Watch List with security ticker symbols instead of security names, choose Options > Customize Current View.

The securities in your Watch List are managed the same way as other securities in your Security List.

If you watch the price of a mutual fund you don't own, be aware that the price may drop because of income or capital gains distributions. When a fund makes a distribution, the share price is reduced by an equal amount (in addition to any fluctuations caused by changes in market value of the underlying securities in the fund).


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