How do I use the Home tab

The Home tab is a dashboard you can use to track important aspects of your financial picture. It helps you see where your money is going, stay on top of your bills, and track how well you're sticking to your budget goals.

Get Started with the Home tab

  • See Where Your Money Goes
    This section shows you how much of your money is being spent on each of your spending categories.

    To change the date range or the accounts included in the graph, click Options in the upper right of the section. Only spending accounts can be selected for display. For most users, their checking account is their spending account. To see which of your accounts are spending accounts, choose Tools menu > Account List > Personal Banking. The accounts listed under the Spending header are your spending accounts.

    Double-clicking the pie chart, any category name, or Examine Your Spending opens the Spending tab where you can review each transaction included in the pie chart and recategorize them if they are in the wrong bucket. 
  • Stay on Top of Monthly Bills
    This section shows you how much money you have coming in and going out, so you can pay bills on time and avoid late payments and overdraft charges.

    The list includes all upcoming bill reminders and scheduled income for the specified date range.

    To change the time period, or to add a new reminder, click Options in the upper right of the section.

    Any bill or income reminders that fall within the specified date range are displayed here.

    The What's Left section displays the amount of unallocated funds you have in your spending accounts at the end of the specified time range.

    You will also see a Risk of Overdraft or a Projected Balances button, depending on your account balances. Clicking either button displays the Projected Balances graph, which shows your spending account balances over time, based on the planned spending and income you have told Quicken about. 
  • Budget Your Spending
    This section shows you how you're doing against your budget. The snapshot displays a summary graph of your total spending for the month. If you want more detail, click on the graph to see how much you are over or under budget, or click Options in the upper right of the section to add categories to the snapshot or go to your full budget. 

Customize the Home tab

If there are other parts of your financial life you want to track, you can customize the Home tab so that it contains the data that is most important to you.

If you haven't entered any data into Quicken, the three sections on the Home tab will be empty. Click Get Started in each section to go through the setup process for that section.

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