How do I use the Investing tab

Use the Investing tab to track the performance of your investments. It provides a number of ways to view your investing and retirement accounts along with many useful tools to help you analyze and manage them.

Get started with the Investing tab

  • Use the Portfolio page for an overview of your investments
    The Portfolio page provides an in-depth review of your holdings as a whole. It focuses on information that changes frequently and helps you see how market changes affect the securities you own or watch.

    1. Click the Investing tab.

    2. Click the Portfolio button.

    3. Filter the view, grouping, and dates included in by using the options at the top of the Portfolio page window. Learn more... 

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Investing features in Quicken

Quicken relies on accurate and complete data to derive reliable performance measures. To view certain performance measures, it may be necessary first to replace placeholder entries with complete historical data.

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