How do I view and print a debt payment schedule

After you create a debt reduction plan, you should pay attention to the monthly payments you need to make on each of your debts to achieve that plan. To do so, you can simply come back to the Debt Reduction Planner each month to see how much you need to pay, or you can print your payment schedule and reference it as you pay your bills. Here's how.

1. Click the Planning tab.

2. Click the Debt Reduction button.

3. If necessary, click Payment Schedule to expand the payment information area.

4. For each debt, you will see:

  • The upcoming monthly payment amounts
  • The projected payoff date
  • The current balance and APR

5. Click See full schedule to see the monthly payment amount and projected balance for each your debts.

6. While viewing the full payment schedule, click Print Plan to print a copy for your records.

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    The name and number of the Print buttons change depending on how many months are left in your payment schedule.
    • If there are less than six months in the schedule, the button is labeled Print Plan.
    • If there are more than six months, but less that twelve months in the schedule, the button is labeled Print 6 Month Plan.
    • If there are more than twelve months in the schedule, a second button is added to the window labeled Print 12 Month Plan. This allows you to print the upcoming six months, or upcoming twelve months, depending on your preference.


It is not possible to print more than twelve months of your payment schedule.

All amounts are rounded up to the nearest dollar.

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