How to Remove a Bank Name from One Step Update Settings

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When you no longer use Online Banking in Quicken or have closed all accounts with a Financial Institution, you may still see the Bank name in the One Step Update Settings screen.

To remove it:

Confirm that you have Deactivated all online services with all accounts held at that Bank.

  1. Use Ctrl + A to bring up the Accounts List.
  2. View Hidden Accounts by selecting the Hidden Accounts check box in the lower left corner of the Accounts List window.
  3. Make sure the Online Services, Transaction Download and/or Online Payment fields are NO or DEACTIVATED for the desired account(s).

Edit the Deactivated account(s) to remove the Bank name.

  1. Click on the account displayed on the Accounts List.
  2. Choose Edit Details button on the account.
  3. Clear the Financial Institution field at the right side of the window.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Repeat, as necessary, for each Deactivated/Disabled account for that Bank.
  6. Confirm that the Bank name no longer appears in the One Step Update Settings window.
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