LifeYield Tax Optimizer Discontinuation

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Windows 2019
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The LifeYield Portfolio Tax Optimizer within Quicken is being discontinued

The LifeYield Portfolio Tax Optimizer in Quicken for Windows, available in Premier and above from 2016-2018, is being discontinued in May of 2018.

Though Portfolio Tax Optimizer is a very powerful tool, it has not found wide adoption among Quicken customers. We've made the difficult decision to shut down the feature, which enables us to shift the resources previously invested in this feature to other areas of Quicken product development.

What does this mean to you if you use this feature?

  • You will no longer be able to perform LifeYield tax analysis on your portfolios after the service is shut down.
  • The LifeYield view within the Investing section of Quicken will be removed.    
  • No portfolio or holding information will be retained by LifeYield.

NOTE: LifeYield "Quicken Social Security Optimizer" is not impacted by this change.

Does LifeYield offer any other options for tax optimization?

  • LifeYield's tax optimization tools are used by financial advisors at SunTrust and Morgan Stanley. You can contact these firms and ask about their portfolio analysis services. 
  • LifeYield also offers a suite of professional tools called ProposalAdvantage directly to independent financial advisors. If you are an advisor and want to learn more about these tools, visit 

Do I need to do anything?
You do not need to take any additional actions. We will remove the LifeYield Portfolio Tax Optimizer from your Quicken product in a future release.  Until then, you may see the LifeYield view under the Investing tab, but the feature will no longer function properly.

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