Message: "error recovery" or "Your last online session was not complete"

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You receive one of the following errors:

  1. When attempting to connect to your financial institution, Quicken's One-Step Update displays error recovery where you normally enter your PIN; or
  2. Your last online session was not complete (or similar) appears when opening or closing Quicken.

What's going on?

Quicken has detected an online error that prevents it from receiving a response from a financial institution's server.

Although inconvenient, this ensures that one online session finishes successfully before a new online session starts and guarantees that your Quicken information agrees with that of your financial institution's. This is critical if you use online payment.

Preferred Solution

We recommend that you attempt your online session again the next business day. This is the easiest solution and will, in most cases, resolve the problem.

When you are ready to try again, reopen Quicken and then try downloading again:

  1. From the Quicken Tools menu, choose One Step Update.
  2. Enter your Vault Password (if you are usig the password vault).
  3. Update Now.

Should this problem persist, proceed to the next solution.

Message: "error recovery" or "Your last online session was not complete"Important Note to Online Payment Customers: Before proceeding, contact your financial institution to verify which online payment instructions they received. For example, if a payment was received by your bank, cancel the payment in Quicken to avoid sending it twice.

Alternative Solution - Manually Override Error Recovery

If the above steps do not work, override Quicken's attempt to complete the last online session due to error recovery.

  1. Click on File on the top menu bar, then select File Operations > Validate and Repair.
  2. Select your Quicken file.
  3. Check Validate file and then click OK.
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