Reconciling Cash Accounts in Quicken for Mac

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You don't need to balance a cash account the way you reconcile a Quicken bank account with your bank statement. The main purpose of updating the balance in a cash account is to keep the account balance accurate without having to enter every cash transaction. You need to enter only those cash transactions you specifically want to track. Then, when you update your cash balance, enter an adjustment transaction to cover the total amount of your miscellaneous cash expenses.

To reconcile a cash account

  1. Select the cash account you want to reconcile from the Accounts section in the sidebar.
  2. Total the amount of cash you have on hand today.
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      If the cash you have on hand matches the balance in your cash account, you're done. Otherwise, continue to enter an adjustment transaction.
  3. Choose Transactions > New Transaction.
  4. Enter the difference between the account balance and the amount of the cash you have on hand in the Spend field.
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      (Optional) Enter a category or tag such as Miscellaneous for the adjustment transaction.
  5. (Optional) Click Save to enter the transaction.

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