Split Lines, Memos on Single Transaction Not Displayed When Same Destination Account is Used

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A single transaction that has multiple split line entries, including Memo information, to the same Transfer Category (destination account) will not retain the Split detail in that destination account.

For example, a deposit of several checks from various sources that will use the same asset account, such as "Accounts Receivable," may have different memo information for each check to identify from whom the funds were received.  Looking at that transaction in the asset account will not display the individual split line entries and their identifying memo data.


If you download your transactions

  1. Accept downloaded transaction to register using a wash category.  A 'wash' category is a category that will be used to zero (offset) the transaction.  Name it appropriately for this situation.
  2. Create a new manual transaction for each split/memo, and use the wash category as the offsetting split to prevent doubling the account balance.

If you enter your transactions manually

Transactions not downloaded from a financial institution (manual transactions) can be entered using individual transactions for each unique memo entry, avoiding the split line altogether.

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