Tell me about monitoring portfolio performance

One of the primary advantages of creating a Quicken account for each of your real-world investment accounts is that you can see the overall effect of your investment decisions. The Quicken Portfolio lists every security in your Quicken investment accounts. The Portfolio and other views in the Investing tab give you the broader perspective. You can compare performance indicators and fundamentals data for your holdings, your Watch List, and several market indexes. You can further refine your analysis by customizing the information being displayed.

  • Security - In Quicken, a security is a single investment with a value and (usually) a share price. A stock, a group of bonds from one corporation, or a mutual fund is a security when it has a share price and you own a specified number of shares.

Note that Quicken relies on accurate and complete data to derive reliable performance measures. To view certain performance measures, it may be necessary first to replace placeholder entries with complete historical data.

What can I do to monitor portfolio performance?

Customize the Portfolio
View the tax implications of my holdings
Use the Portfolio page to answer questions about investment performance
See the value of my portfolio
View my average annual return (IRR)
Compare the performance of my portfolio to industry benchmarks
View ROI in the Portfolio window
Analyze my portfolio
Create investment reports
Work with investing goals
What if something goes wrong?