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Whether you prepare your own tax returns or simply gather information for a professional, Quicken can help you save time and minimize your tax bill.

Start by setting up your paycheck and tax-related features. On an ongoing basis, assign tax-related categories when you enter transactions (Quicken does this for you in investment accounts).

When it comes time to file your return, you can import Quicken data directly into TurboTax-improving accuracy and reducing data entry. Long before April 15, you can use planning tools to estimate your upcoming tax liability and to reduce your taxes. You can even create strategies to reduce capital gains tax before you sell investments.


Tax law changes may be implemented at any time during the year. You and your tax professional are responsible for staying current on tax laws and interpreting their impact on your personal tax situation. Before you rely on tax-planning data from Quicken, especially if you have sales of investments, we advise you to consult your tax professional.


Tell me about tracking tax-related expenses by category
Tell me about entering paycheck information, including payroll deductions
Tell me about using the Tax Planner to estimate taxes
Tell me about finding ways to reduce taxes
Tell me about getting help from Quicken when it's time to pay my taxes


Information about setting up a paycheck is also available.


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