Transactions Missing When Reconciling Your Account

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You may find some or all transactions missing when you reconcile your account.


  1. From the Tools menu, choose Account List, and then double-click the account to open its register.
  2. All transactions with the letter R in the Clr column have already been reconciled. If you want to change a transaction's reconciled status:
    1. Click the R, and then click No to the message "Would you like to use Quicken's Reconcile feature to match this account up to your bank statement?" This will remove the R from the Clr column.
    2. Click Enter, and then click Yes to the message "Are you sure you want to change a reconciled (R) transaction?"
    3. If the message "Are you sure you want to manually reconcile (R) this transaction?" appears, click Yes.
    4. Repeat Steps 5.a through 5.c for each transaction you want to change, and then reconcile the account again.
  3. If any missing transactions have not been reconciled or the issue persists, check your screen resolution:
    1. Exit Quicken, and then right-click a blank area on the Microsoft® Windows® desktop and choose Properties.
    2. Click the Settings tab.
    3. Move the Screen area or Desktop area slider to 1024x768 pixels (or a higher setting) and then click OK twice. Your screen will flicker for a few seconds.
    4. Click OK or Yes if a message similar to "Do you want to keep these settings?" appears.
    5. Wait a few seconds for the new resolution setting to take effect, restart Quicken, and then reconcile the account again.
  4. If the issue persists or the screen resolution is correct, reenter the missing transactions into the account register.
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