Transferring Money Online

You can transfer money between two online accounts that have the same customer ID number and are at the same financial institution. You can even transfer money online between a checking account and a credit card account to pay the credit card bill or obtain a cash advance (if your financial institution allows this type of transaction).

This section of help covers only online transfers as described above. 

  • Finding out if an online transfer has been completed

    Transfers usually take place the on the same or the business day after you send a transfer instruction. You can verify that a transfer has occurred by downloading transactions for the originating ("from") account, or by calling the financial institution.

    If you don't have the money to cover the transfer when it is processed, your financial institution will notify you by e-mail or phone that the transfer did not occur. You must then delete the transfer transaction from your Quicken register so your account shows the correct balance.

  • Canceling an online transfer
    You cannot delete an instruction that has already been sent. For online transfer instructions that have not been sent, canceling is a straightforward process.

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • Rules for transferring money online
    You can transfer money between:
    • Two online accounts at the same financial institution.
    • A checking account and a credit card account at the same financial institution (if your financial institution allows this). When you transfer money out of a credit card account, it's considered a cash advance. When you transfer money into a credit card account, it's considered a payment.

    You cannot:

    • Transfer money between online accounts at different financial institutions.
    • Transfer money between accounts that have different customer ID (or Social Security) numbers.
    • Schedule a transfer ahead of time; the transfer instruction is processed on the day you send it (or the next business day, at the latest).
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