Troubleshoot Budget Sync (Mobile Sync)

Quicken may report an error when attempting to sync Budget to mobile from the desktop file. This article is intended to provide troubleshooting steps to determine what could be wrong, and possible work-around or solutions.

Try sync without any budget

If you're encountering the error condition during Mobile Sync Setup, try removing Budget from the initial sync to see if you can get a successful sync. Then add the Budget on a subsequent sync, once you've gotten your accounts successfully added.

Try sync during off-peak hours

If you're encountering the error when performing your mobile sync during a standard business day, try the sync later in the evening, earlier in the morning, or on a week-end day to see if you get a successful sync.

Try a different budget

If you're using a complex budget, with numerous Categories + Sub-Categories and monthly amounts, try creating a simple budget:

  • Try using only your most frequently used or Top 10 Categories
  • Try turning off Roll Over amounts
  • Try using your least frequently used or Bottom 10 Categories

If you can get a successful sync with a simple budget, now try changing the Budget in your sync settings back to your preferred Budget to see if you can get that to sync successfully.

These recommendations are intended to help determine a fail-point and get past that point. If none of these suggestions work for you and you continue to receive the error condition specific to Budget sync, please contact Quicken Support for further assistance.

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