What if the date or logo gets cut off on the printed check?

1.Choose File menu > Printer Setup > For Printing Checks.

2.Clear the Use Low Starting Position check box. (Optional; use with continuous-feed printers)

3.Click Align.

4.Click Fine.

5.In the Vertical field, enter 0.

6.Click OK.

7.Click Align.

8.Click Coarse.

9.Follow the on-screen instructions. (Quicken remembers your fine alignment settings and applies these settings each time you print a check. Because fine alignment can make only small changes, it is important to use coarse alignment first.)

10.Use fine alignment for minor adjustments. (Optional)

11.Note the position of your checks in the printer so that you can reload your checks quickly in the future. Do this even if your printer has an auto load or park feature.


This problem may occur when you print checks on some continuous-feed printers ( A printer that prints on a continuous sheet of paper. A tractor mechanism engages the holes along the edge of the sheet and pulls the paper through the printer. You tear off individual pages as the paper comes out of the printer. Most dot matrix printers are continuous-feed printers. Some dot matrix printers, such as ink-jet printers, are page-oriented printers because they print on individual sheets of paper that are fed in from a paper tray. ). The printer head may be too far below the top of the check to print the entire date or logo. Depending on the printer, you may find it difficult to properly print the first check. Using an Intuit Forms Leader can save you checks.


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