What is the Intuit ID?

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Learn about Quicken's Intuit ID.

The Intuit ID is a universal access ID for Quicken online services and product registration. With an Intuit ID in Quicken, you can choose to

  • Download transactions from your bank into Quicken
  • Use Quicken on your phone or tablet
  • Snap and store receipts on your phone and sync to Quicken desktop
  • Pay your bills online direct from Quicken*
  • Receive email and text alerts
  • Get notified in product when a free update is available
  • Access Quicken Support

*Available through the Quicken Bill Pay service or if your bank uses Direct Connect and supports bill pay.

Important: If you need to reset your password because you're having problems signing into Quicken with your Intuit ID (ex: "Hmm. That didn't work."), you can find help for this by clicking here

Why am I being asked for my Intuit ID and password? Why does it keep asking?

Similar to a bank's website, there are certain actions in Quicken that will prompt verification. These can include using Quicken on a different computer, using it on a different IP address, or using a different Wi-Fi network. Quicken will also periodically require signing in, usually every 4-6 weeks.

Why do I still need to use an Intuit ID to log in to or register Quicken?

As of April 2016, Quicken, Inc. is a new and separate company from Intuit.  Though Quicken, Inc. is a now a different company, user authentication is still crucial to many of Quicken's connected services. To prevent any disruption to Quicken users, Quicken has continued to use the Intuit ID for user authentication.  

Our plan is to have all supported Quicken products moved to the new Quicken ID service by the fall of 2017.  We're taking the time to make this transition to the new Quicken ID as painless as possible for users, while continuing to deliver a high level of security for connected services.  Until then, we'll continue to rely on the Intuit ID to provide you with secure connected services.

Is my Intuit ID secure?

Quicken uses industry standards bank-level encryption to keep your information safe. Your Intuit ID is completely secure.

Am I required to setup an Intuit ID?

Quicken 2014 and newer requires the use of an Intuit ID. If you do not already have an Intuit ID (created when you purchased any product directly from our websites or when using other Intuit-provided services) then you will be required to create one.

I already have a Quicken.com, TurboTax, Quicken Mobile ID, or investing.quicken.com ID. Can I use that? Absolutely!

If you use other Intuit products, or you purchased a product from the Quicken.com online store, your existing login information will work as your Intuit ID.

How do I know if I already have an Intuit ID?

During the registration process, we'll look for existing IDs. If one exists, we'll let you know.

Do I need to pay to setup an Intuit ID?

No. Quicken does not charge its customers for using Quicken to download online transactions or to pay bills online through your financial institution. However, some financial institutions may charge for some of these actions. If you have any questions about these fees, please contact your financial institution.

Is the Intuit ID and/or my data stored to the cloud?

Your Intuit ID and password are not stored in the cloud. It is always your choice whether or not to use the cloud (using the Quicken Mobile App, for example).

Where is my Intuit ID saved?

Your Intuit ID can be saved as part of your data file in your Password Vault.  Although it will reduce the number of steps required to download transaction, saving the Intuit ID in your password vault is not required.

Do I have to setup an Intuit ID to update my Quicken software?

An Intuit ID is required to obtain free updates to your Quicken software.

Do I have to create a separate Intuit ID for each data file I use?

If you plan on using Quicken's online services, you'll need to create a new Intuit ID for each unique Quicken data file.

What if I forget my Intuit ID username or password?

If you forget your Intuit ID username or password, no problem -- we'll help you out. Go to the article (Quicken for Windows), What if I forget my Intuit ID password?

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to register your Intuit ID, go here.

What if I'm locked out of my Intuit ID account?

If you try to log in too many times with an incorrect username or password, you'll receive a message that your account has been temporarily locked.  This is a security feature of the Intuit ID, to prevent fraudulent account activity.  

If you need to reset your password, just follow the instructions here: What if I forget my Intuit ID password?  NOTE: Even after you reset your password, you'll need to wait the fill lockout time (usually 15 minutes) before trying to log in again.


Make sure that your computer is set to English as your default language to prevent any unwanted error.


Do I need Internet access to create an Intuit ID?

Yes. You need online access to create an Intuit ID. Online access is also required for registration.

How do I sign in with a different Intuit ID?

If you need to sign into Quicken with a different Intuit ID than the one you're currently signed in with, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences.

What is the Intuit ID?

  1. Select Intuit ID, Mobile & Alerts in the left pane, then click Sign in as a different user.

What is the Intuit ID?

  1. You will be prompted to confirm you want to sign out of the current Intuit ID. Type "yes" in the box and click Sign Out.

What is the Intuit ID?

  1. Enter the new Intuit ID and password and click Sign In.

What is the Intuit ID?



How do I create an Intuit ID?

1. Go to the Quicken website at www.quicken.com.

2. Select Sign In, located in the upper right side, then choose My Account.

What is the Intuit ID?


What is the Intuit ID?

4. Enter your email address (the email will be your Intuit ID.) Create a new password and confirm it. Click CREATE ACCOUNT.

What is the Intuit ID?

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