What types of accounts do I use for Investments?

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Learn how to setup investment-type accounts in Quicken.

Select Tools menu > Add Account... to add an investment account.

The table below suggests what type of Quicken account to use with different types of investments.

It is easier to use an asset account if an investment has a constant share price.  This may affect you when accessing holdings from your financial institution through the Quicken program´s direct account download feature.

Note: A Brokerage account is a regular investment account. During setup, the available option for a Brokerage account is Stocks, bonds, or several mutual funds. An IRA account is an investment account that was set up as a tax deferred or tax exempt account.





If you invest in ... Use this type of account ...

One or more securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, stock options, stock purchase plan) and you also want to track a cash balance


A single mutual fund account that has no cash balance


Real estate investment trusts (REITs) or partnerships


Unit trusts


IRA or Keogh accounts


Variable annuities


Money market funds

Brokerage if you want to write checks, otherwise use an Asset account

CDs or Treasury bills

Brokerage or asset

Fixed annuities

Brokerage or asset

Collectibles and precious metals

Brokerage or asset

Real estate

Asset or House

Employer retirement plans (401(k))

Use a 401(k) account

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