Why am I seeing Time Out, Oops, Page Not Found, or Uh-oh errors in Quicken?

Product Version
Windows 2017
Canada 2019
Mac 2017
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Quicken has released critical updates for all supported products in order to migrate users from the Intuit ID to the new Quicken ID.  

If you didn’t install this update, you may experience errors when trying to use Quicken.  You may also see a Mint/Intuit "Page not found" message.

The Subscription Release of Quicken does not require updates to complete the migration as it already contains the necessary components. If you are experiencing errors with the 2018 release, they are unrelated to the Quicken ID migration referenced here. 

NOTE: if you've already installed the latest patch, this "Uh oh" error may be a temporary server issue, or you may receive this if you have one computer on the latest Quicken release, while another computer isn't.  Be sure to install the latest patch on all computers where you use Quicken.

To resolve this issue, click on the link below to install the manual patch update for your version of Quicken.

Critical Updates 

Quicken Windows 2016

Quicken Windows 2017

Quicken Canada 2016 (Cash Manager or Home & Business)

Quicken Canada 2017 

Quicken Mac 2016 (3.8.2) - open your product or perform an online banking update to receive the patch prompt 

Quicken Mac 2017 (4.8.2) - open your product or perform an online banking update to receive the patch prompt 

Kindle users: The Quicken Mobile App is no longer available through the Amazon Appstore. Kindle devices run older versions of Android that do not have the required security certificates to run the app. The app is still available through the Mac App Store and the Google Play Store.

"Unable To Check For Updates..." error

If you receive the error, "Unable to check for updates, the server file failed to load Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length" please click here

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