Why can't I sign in with my Quicken ID on my other computer?

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After migrating from the Intuit ID to the new Quicken ID, you may be unable to sign into Quicken installed on another one of your computers. This typically occurs if you have two different versions of Quicken; one is the newer version that uses the Quicken ID, and one is the older version that still uses the Intuit ID. 

To resolve this issue

This can be resolved by downloading the latest patch update on the computer with the older version of Quicken that is still using the Intuit ID.

To update Quicken for Windows:

You can check for the latest update in Quicken for Windows by going to Help > Check for Updates. You can also get the latest release by clicking the corresponding link below and downloading the Mondo Patch update.

To update Quicken for Mac:

Go to Quicken menu > Check for Updates, then confirm you want to download and install the new update.


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