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Eric Dunn, CEO

Eric Dunn

Eric Dunn is the CEO of Quicken Inc. He has been an avid Quicken user since 1985 and continues to use it every day -- Eric actually runs a dedicated Windows server in his basement so that he can connect to Quicken from remote PCs and devices. His favorite features are electronic bill pay and bill presentment in Quicken for Windows, followed by investment tracking.

Eric has been part of the Quicken business since its early days – he joined Intuit, Quicken’s previous owner, in 1986, when Quicken was the only Intuit software product, and was employee #4 at Intuit.

Over the course of his 20 years at Intuit (he was away for 10 years), Eric was a programmer who worked on almost all of the early versions of Quicken, including the first investment and payments capabilities; served simultaneously as the CFO through the 1993 IPO and merger with ChipSoft (TurboTax); was the first general manager of the Quicken business; was Intuit’s first CTO; and then led Intuit’s payments business during an additional tour of duty in 2010-2015. Eric retired from Intuit in 2000 to pursue a second career in technology investing, first as an angel investor and then as a General Partner at Cardinal Venture Capital.  Eric has served on the board of directors of dozens of companies, including five public companies, and currently serves on the boards of iCIMS, a leading SaaS software acompany, and the Electronic Transactions Association, a payments industry group.

Since August 2015, Eric has been responsible for the Quicken business, initially as the General Manager at Intuit and then, after the March 31, 2016 divestiture, as the CEO of Quicken Inc., the standalone private company.

Prior to joining Intuit, Eric worked at IBM and then at Bain & Company. Although he has lived in California since 1983, Eric grew up on the east coast. He attended Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

Eric is married and has two kids, one employed (!) and one in college. In his free time, Eric plays tennis and squash and is a piano student. He is also a helicopter pilot and flies a Robinson R44.

Menlo Park, CA, USA

Tucson, AZ, USA

Bangalore, India