Best Personal Finance Software for Mac

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Date: June 30, 2017

When it comes to computer types, a line was drawn in the sand of public perception long ago. If you're doing business, you need a PC. When you're being creative, get a Mac. But in reality, this line blurred a long time ago. Applications for both computers are equally capable. Doing personal finances on a Mac doesn't mean you have to compromise. Here's what to look for in the best software to suit your needs.


Features — Software That Does the Job

Although the pool of software available for Mac OS X may not rival that of PCs, there are still plenty of industry-approved options to manage finances. The gold standard for personal finance software is Quicken for Mac. Quicken includes all the tools needed to keep your financial life in order. No matter what software you go with, there are a few features to look for:


  • An ability to organize bank, credit card and investment accounts.
  • Budgeting functions, including payment schedulers and alerts, as well as budget and goal tracking.
  • Reports to show cash flow, spending and net worth, and tax preparation tools.
  • Investment tools that summarize portfolios and track performance of individual investments.


Design — Financial Apps That Work With You

The more often you look at your personal finance numbers, the more likely it becomes that your wealth will grow. It makes sense to look at software that makes sense to you. Its layout will be logical and the features that are important to you will be easily accessed. Quicken for Mac, for example, permits you to pay bills from inside its window without fussing between applications. Design, however, extends beyond mere functionality. When you like the look of a program, you're more likely to open it up and tackle money chores. Don't discount "pretty" apps, as long as they provide the tools you need to manage your budget.


Integration — Keep Your Financial Life in One Place

One of the strengths of personal finance management is the ability to make big picture decisions. While many people store financial information across devices, it's important that you can access all of that information with ease. For instance, the Quicken for Mac software supports syncing directly with your bank and credit union accounts, allowing you easy access to directly transfer bank data into the program. Credit card support has the same ability, as do investment and retirement accounts. When you're away from home, mobile apps for both Apple and Android sync with the software on your Mac.


Reporting — Make Sense of Your Budget

Software usability is different for each person, but there are certain features that help you visualize and understand your finances. Consider and compare these report functions when choosing your preferred finance software: 

  • Easy-to-run reports with adjustable metrics for viewing the data of your choice.
  • Common financial reports, such as net worth, cash flow and spending reports.
  • The ability to create forms and reports to assist in preparing your tax return.
  • Capability to export reports to file types usable with other software.
  • Direct export capability to tax preparation software