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Quicken 2016 for Mac is here! We make it easier than ever to manage your money, even on the go. Stay on top of spending and bills. Make smart investment decisions.

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Quicken 2016 for Mac makes managing your money easier than ever. Whether paying bills, upgrading from Windows, enjoying more reliable downloads, or getting expert product help, Quicken’s new and improved features will help you save time and get better control of your money.

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Pay your bills from right within Quicken

  • See and track them all in one place so that you never miss a bill
  • See what bills have been paid, are coming up, or past due
  • Easily pay your bills on time from right within Quicken*

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12-month budget

  • Plan your spending to achieve the goals important to you (e.g., vacation, car, new home, retirement)
  • Now customize your budget with one-time-only, periodic and recurring monthly expenses
  • Easily track spending and income against your plan to stay on target

Portfolio time machine

  • See the historical value of your portfolio and individual holdings at a particular point in time
  • Track your investment performance over the past days, weeks, or years
  • Gain deeper learning and insights for future investing
  • Check accuracy of brokerage statements

Single-click upgrade from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac*

  • Convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac in one click (excludes version from Mac App Store)
  • Do it all right from your Mac (no Windows required)
  • Easily import data from Quicken Mac 2015, Quicken Mac 2007, and Quicken Essentials with just one click

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Export Category Summary and Tax Summary reports to a csv file

  • Export these reports with a single click
  • Enables you to analyze and graph data in Excel, Numbers, or your favorite spreadsheet app
  • Send your Quicken data to your accountant, financial planner, or other non-Quicken users

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Free phone support

  • We’ll help every step of the way: we’ll help you get started, upgrade, or set up new features*
  • Phone support available Monday to Friday 5am to 5pm PST
  • Reach us online via our 24-hour live chat support

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Ability to transfer money between different accounts within your bank*

  • Transfer funds from your savings account to your checking account
  • User must enable transaction download with the associated bank account

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Quicken securely transmits your data with robust 128-bit & 256-bit encryption.


Quicken financial products are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Turbo Tax

Export* your Quicken data directly to TurboTax for accurate tax prep.