Finance 101: Credit Score Basics

With just one number, your credit score makes a substantial first impression on lenders because it provides a snapshot of how you've handled debt in the past. The Fair Isaac Corporation score, known as a FICO score, which is one of the most widely used and best known credit scores, ranges from 300 to 850, with a good score being at least 740. Factors Affecting Your Score The credit scoring... Continue reading

Understanding the Basics of Your Credit Reports

Your credit report offers a snapshot of your financial health to anyone who reviews it, and that can be a lot of people, from cell phone providers and potential employers to lenders and credit card issuers. With so much importance placed on these reports, it’s important to understand what’s on them. Continue reading

When Your Credit Scores Matter

Your credit scores may seem abstract — just a bunch of numbers loosely associated with how well you pay your bills. But these numbers have real-world implications when it comes to borrowing money, qualifying for housing and sometimes getting a job. Continue reading
Credit Scores Across the Country [Infographic]

Credit Scores Across the Country [Infographic]

From coast-to-coast, Americans have been steadily improving their credit. The average Experian credit score rose by three points in 2015, to 699 on a scale ranging from 330 to 830. Continue reading

Credit Score Q&A

A good credit score can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars by helping you get a car loan, a mortgage, even an insurance policy. A bad credit score can cost you even more than higher interest rates - it can eliminate you as a candidate for a job!  You may not even know where your credit score comes from, but you have more control over this important number than you may realize. Here’s the... Continue reading

Top Online Credit Trackers

The computer age has made it easier than ever to monitor your overall credit health. It's also made it easier for thieves to access your information. These two concepts can go hand-in-hand, since protecting your identity also protects your credit score. Here are several tools that can help you keep track of both. Continue reading

What Errors To Watch for on A Credit Report?

Date: June 26, 2017 Each year, you're entitled to one free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. This gives you an opportunity to review your reports and ensure that they're accurate. Errors do happen, so here's an overview of the top mistakes to watch out for. If you do find a mistake, you can have it corrected by following the instructions that come with the credit... Continue reading