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  • Improved bill center, custom invoices for businesses, online back-up with Dropbox* and more!



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Import Your Bank Transactions Safely in Quicken

Connects to your banks in seconds

Quickly and securely downloads and organizes all your financial information together in one place with just your User Name and Password for each account.

See Where You're Spending the Most Money

Automatically sorts expenses into categories

Quicken automatically downloads and categorizes your expenses from your banks, and shows your spending in a simple chart.

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Powerful money management tool

Makes budgeting (and staying on a budget) painless

Quicken sets up a realistic household budget based on your spending history. These goals are customizable, and make it easy to pay bills and plan for your future.

Quicken Debt Plan Dashboard

Shows exactly where you stand

Get your “whole financial picture” with Quicken 2017. It forecasts your balances, reminds you to pay bills and shows you how much money you have in real-time.

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Quicken investment software

Easy to set up, learn and use

Step-by-step guidance helps you get up and running fast. Enjoy free set-up support and get tips from the Quicken Community.

Get started with Quicken 2018

Personal finance tips and Quicken how-to’s

Find better ways to manage your money or tips on how to plan for tomorrow. Get the most out of Quicken with these money management tips.

Quicken financial products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee


Quicken financial products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Export* your Quicken data directly to TurboTax for accurate tax prep.