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See All Your Finances in One Place

One of the hardest things about managing your personal finances is figuring out the bottom line. Bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, investments. How are you really doing? How do you know if you’re making good choices with your money?

That’s why we designed Simplifi to be the best personal finance app for helping you make those decisions. Simplifi gathers all your accounts in one place, downloads your transactions and balances automatically, and organizes your data in a way that makes sense, giving you the insights you need to make smart choices.

It categorizes your expenses so you can see where your money is going. It finds your regular bills and keeps track of them so you know how much you’ll need when. And it lets you add as many savings goals as you want, so you can be confident when you spend money today that you’re on track to meet those goals tomorrow.

What seeing all your accounts in one place can do for you

1. Always know what you can spend

When you’re thinking about spending money, it’s easy to look in your bank account and see how much you have today. But will you still have enough to pay your electric bill next week? What about your credit card bill, or that student loan payment at the end of the month, or the vacation you want to take this summer?

To make good decisions using a manual budget sheet or budget planner, you’d have to:

  • Hunt down all your regular bills & expenses across all your accounts and subtract what you need for every one (don’t forget those quarterly and annual bills)
  • Write down all your savings goals and figure out the right monthly contributions based on how much you’ll need and when you’ll need it
  • Build in enough to cover unexpected surprises, like car trouble or vet bills
  • Add everything up and put every paycheck and expense into a calendar so you know how much you can spend and when, to make sure you’re covered
  • Then keep up with your spending day by day, to make sure you’re sticking to your plan
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Simplifi does all that for you.

It gathers all your income and expenses from all your accounts in one place. It lets you add any planned spending like groceries or birthdays and as many savings goals as you want (including an emergency fund). And it keeps track of when all those transactions will happen.

2. See where your money is really going

With so many ways to pay these days, it’s harder than ever to keep up with your finances. When you pay for an oil change with your debit card and you buy new tires with a credit card, it’s that much tougher to keep track of how much you’re spending on what.

Simplifi connects to all your financial accounts and automatically categorizes your transactions, giving you a comprehensive view of all your finances in one spot. You can add, change, and delete those categories to fit your own needs, or even create your own tags and apply them to any transactions across all your accounts, so you can track your spending however you want to.

Whether you want to follow your tagged holiday spending with a special watchlist or stay on top of that car maintenance category in your monthly spending report, you’ll know Simplifi is taking everything into account—literally.

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3. Stay on top of all your savings goals

Having a savings account is great, but that balance comes with more questions. If you take out this much for a vacation, then put that much in for 3 more months, then take out this much more for the holidays, and then your car breaks down, will your emergency fund be able to handle it?

With Simplifi, you can add as many savings goals as you like and track them across all your accounts in one place. You don’t even need a special savings account. Simplifi splits your bank balances automatically, showing you how much you can spend and how much is earmarked for your savings goals. It even tracks each savings goal separately so you can make sure you’re on track to reach them all.

Simplifi helps you protect your emergency fund, save for that vacation, and save for the holidays, all at the same time. You can even add your savings goals to your spending plan and Simplifi will help you stick to your plan. It’s a savings app and a budget app in one!

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4. Track all your investments in one place

No matter how complex your investment portfolio becomes, Simplifi makes it easy to stay on top of them all. Do you have a 401(k) with your employer? A personal Roth IRA? An Acorns account you opened in college? A brokerage account you manage yourself?

Simplifi lets you track all your investments together, showing you all your accounts in one place. Simplifi even connects to most investment accounts automatically, keeping up with your changing position each day and making it easy to track your investment value over time.

5. Make a smart plan to pay down your debt

Debt is not all equal. Your credit card debt could be costing you 25% or more in interest on every dollar you spend. Your student loan, on the other hand, might be as low as 1.25%. You can’t make good decisions about what to pay down, or where to borrow, if you can’t see the big picture.

When you can see all your finances in one place, you know how you’re really doing. Is your bank account growing every month? That’s fantastic—as long as your debt isn’t growing too. Simplifi shows you how it all stacks up so you can make smart choices—like paying down a high-interest credit card right away so you can put even more money toward your savings goals.

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6. Understand your real bottom line

When you’re trying to go back and forth between your banking app, your credit card websites, your loan websites, and your investment brokerage app, it’s hard to get a handle on how it all fits together—and how things are changing over time.

By putting all your accounts in one place, Simplifi lets you see your real bottom line. Run spending reports by month to see your unique spending trends. Or track your net worth over time to make sure your personal finances are moving in the right direction. Simplifi keeps track of changes in your bank accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts, investment accounts, and more so you can see how it all fits together and reach your financial goals with confidence.

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