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Can you really afford that weekend getaway? That new phone? Those new boots? What about all three? If you buy them all this month, how will that affect your savings?

It’s hard to know what you can really spend without a personal budget or spending plan, but that’s not an easy thing to come up with. Monthly expenses, paying down loans, saving money—good budget planning needs to include it all.

If you want to know how to create a spending plan, the easy answer is “with Simplifi.” Just connect your accounts and help the app identify your income and bills.

Simplifi builds your personal spending plan automatically. So you’ll always know what you need for your bills, and you'll always know what you can spend on other things.

Just check your spending plan to see your bottom line at a glance.

Planned spending view on a mobile device

What a Simplifi spending plan can do for you

1. Know what you can spend—today and tomorrow

Simplifi starts with your income and sets aside the money you'll need for your monthly expenses—things like utility bills, credit card payments, and even those quarterly or annual insurance premiums that are so easy to forget.

As you spend your money throughout the month, Simplifi automatically tracks it in your spending plan. So you'll always know what you have left to spend without lifting a finger.

Simplifi also takes into account how many days are left in the month, showing you how much you can spend each day.

With Simplifi, you'll always know where you stand.

2. Plan for fixed expenses and not-so-fixed expenses

Want to make sure you have enough for groceries at the end of the month? Simplifi lets you add that expense to your spending plan.

Just tell Simplifi how much you want to set aside, and the app will build that amount into your spending plan automatically, helping you make sure you don't spend it before you need it.

Now, when you're deciding whether to buy those new boots, you don't have to worry about saving enough for your grocery run—or trying to calculate the difference in your head.

Your new bottom line takes that money into account.

Image of spending plan at the beginning of the month

3. Customize your plan to fit your changing needs

Your spending plan also needs to fit your changing needs. You shouldn’t have to start the budget planning process all over again every time you change one thing. Instead, the rest of your plan should adjust automatically.

That's why Simplifi lets you change any part of your spending plan whenever you need to. If you get a raise or a new job, you can change your recurring income. If you change car insurance providers, you can change that expense too.

Change whatever you need to change, and Simplifi takes care of the rest, handling all the calculations for you automatically.

4. Add your savings goals

Want to add some long-term financial goals like building up an emergency fund or taking a vacation?

Simplifi lets you build those goals into your spending plan too. Save for as many things as you like without having to start 17 different savings accounts. (Or even one.)

Just create your savings goal and tell Simplifi how much you want to save each month. (Simplifi can help you figure that out). The app will add those savings to your spending plan.

Savings goals view on a mobile device

5. Reach your goals with confidence

When your income, expenses, and savings goals are all included in your bottom line, it’s easy to make good decisions about your personal finances.

Can you buy those boots and that phone and still take that weekend getaway? The answer is yes—with a little planning and a little help from Simplifi.

The more you take advantage of Simplifi’s spending and saving features to plan ahead for the things you want, the more you’ll be able to do.

Are you ready to unlock the full power of personalized budget planning with Simplifi’s automatic spending plan? Pick a Simplifi plan today and try it free for 30 days.