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Track Your Bills and Income (with Projected Cash Flows)

A lot of people discover Simplifi when they start asking, "How do I track my income?" or "How do I track my expenses?"

Simplifi does both of those things—and does them extremely well—but the full power of Simplifi as a personal finance tracker app comes from showing you how those cash flows work together.

That’s because knowing what you’re bringing in and what you’re spending every month is only half the story. The other half is knowing when those paychecks and bills will hit your bank account, so you always know how much you can really spend.

By keeping track of all your cash flows, Simplifi helps you make sure you have enough in the bank to cover those large bills without overdrafting your account. It can also help you decide whether to pay more or less on that credit card balance—and when to add more to your savings—so you can do more with your money.

What a personal finance tracker and projected cash flows can do for you

1. Stop throwing your money away on late fees

Simplifi shows you all your upcoming transactions in one place—both your income and your bills—so you can make sure those recurring expenses get paid on time.

And, since Simplifi connects to all your accounts, it doesn’t matter whether you pay a bill by credit card, debit card, check, or automatic draft. Simplifi will see when the payment goes out and check it off your list.

If you’d like some helpful reminders, you can tell Simplifi to send you notifications about current and upcoming transactions, including:

  • Your upcoming bills week by week
  • When a recurring bill gets paid
  • When your paycheck comes in

These are just a few of the many notifications and alerts Simplifi includes, all of which can be turned on or off, according to your personal preferences.

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2. Know what you can spend today (based on your bills tomorrow)

Want to know whether you’ll still have enough in your bank account for your bills next week if you buy that perfect new outfit with your debit card today?

Just ask Simplifi.

Simplifi isn’t a mere income tracker or even just a paycheck & bill tracker. It’s a complete personal finance tracker that:

In other words, Simplifi uses your regular income and expenses to show you how your account balances are expected to change day by day throughout the month.

Projected cash flow after 30 days on mobile phone

3. See when your bank balance is going to dip— before it happens

Log into Simplifi on the web and click any account to see a visual cash projection of that account’s balances over time. Simplifi keeps a running calendar of all your recurring income and expense transactions, showing you how those transactions will affect your account balance.

With cash projections, it’s easy to see when your balance is in danger of being overdrawn, helping you avoid those annoying bank fees. You can also use cash projections to make sure you maintain any minimum amount you need or want to.

4. Track your credit patterns and stop wasting money on interest

Cash projections aren’t just helpful for maintaining minimum bank balances. They’re also great for checking out your spending patterns in your credit card accounts.

If a credit card account is trending upward over time, even by a small amount, that rising balance can end up costing you a lot of money in interest. Use cash projections to track down those trends, minimize unnecessary credit card charges, find other ways to pay those bills, and pay down that balance.

The primary job of a great personal finance tracker is to give you the information you need when you need it. By helping you see the trends you need to address, Simplifi can help you focus your efforts where they’ll make the biggest difference—like paying down that credit card balance until you can pay it off every month and stop paying interest fees.

Projected cash flow in a chart form on mobile phone

5. Maximize your savings & investments

Those cash flow projections can also show you when your bank balances are on the rise, trending upward over time. When that happens, congrats!

If your primary checking account is trending upward, you might want to use that money to pay down a high-interest loan, to raise your monthly contributions toward one of your savings goals, or to add more money to your investments each month.

You work hard for your money. When you take control of your finances and keep your spending below your income, you can make that extra money work hard for you, too.

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