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How to Update Quicken

  1. Select the Quicken Menu > Check for updates
  2. If an update is available for your software, you'll be presented with the ability to download and install the update.
  3. If you're software is already up-to-date, we'll let you know you're up-to-date and which version you're running.

Version 5.5, 5.5.1, 5.5.2, & 5.5.3 (2/2018)

Version 5.5 improves support for Canadian customers, refines the Bills & Income view, fixes report and investment features and improves overall stability and performance across the product.

New Canadian Features

  • NEW New support for Canadian categories and tax line items.
  • NEW Added a new Canadian Tax Schedule report.
  • NEW Added a new feature to be able to add back either US or Canadian default categories. Click on the gear icon in the category list to add default categories.
  • NEW Added a new preference to turn on US or Canadian features regardless of membership. This means that if you're a US member but are actually Canadian, you can turn on Canadian features. This also means if you're a Canadian member but have US bank accounts, you can turn on US features like Bill Pay.
  • NEW When creating a new file, Quicken asks if you want US or Canadian default categories for those who have turned on both US and Canadian features.
  • IMPROVEMENT The Edit Category dialog can now be resized to help with tax line item assignment.
  • IMPROVEMENT A category can now be defined as being tax related without requiring an assigned schedule and tax line item. This is useful if tracking city, state or provincial tax items that are not currently supported in Quicken.
  • IMPROVEMENT Canadian members who have investment accounts classified as an IRA, 401K or other US account type are notified that they can be changed to a Canadian account such as TFSA, RRSP or RESP.

Scheduled Transaction, Bill Pay and Bills & Income Improvements & Fixes

  • NEW Added new Payee view in Bills & Income. Go to the Payee view to quickly pay a bill for a particular payee. Quicken automatically displays eBill payees in this view but you can decide which payees appear by clicking on a checkbox in the Edit Payee dialog.
  • NEW Added the logos for payees that have eBills.
  • NEW Added a status column to Bills and Payees to notify people if there is an eBill error. Click on the exclamation mark in a red dot to find out more about the issue.
  • IMPROVED Refined the overall look of Bills & Income.
  • IMPROVED The amount for a cancelled bill payment will automatically be added to the memo field for tracking purposes.
  • FIXED Fixed a number of issues in Bill Pay. Bill Pay will now let you know if a bill payment has to be moved because of a holiday. In addition, Bill Pay will now take the financial institution's last submission time into account when setting a date. Previously this wasn't used and people could set a date that was earlier than the financial institution could handle.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where creating a new scheduled transaction by clicking on the Scheduled checkbox in the date picker would set the starting date 1 month in the future instead of the current date.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the Pay Now menu item didn't work.

Report Improvements & Fixes

  • NEW Added the ability to save a comparison, summary and transaction report as a custom report. This means you can start with an existing report instead of being forced to create a new report from scratch.
  • NEW Added the ability to add the Action column to transaction reports.
  • IMPROVED Quicken will now remember column widths in the transaction report so long memos won't make it difficult to read the report.
  • IMPROVED Transaction drill down works again. The row will highlight and clicking a transaction will pop-up a register window with the transaction selected.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the transaction report where split memo items weren't appearing. Now both parent and split memos will appear.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the check# didn't appear in the printed or exported transaction report.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the Tax Schedule D report where the gain was sometimes reported incorrectly when the buy and sell occurred on the same day.

Investment Improvements & Fixes

  • NEW Added Opening Price to the Price History dialog.
  • NEW Opening Price is now updated when quotes are downloaded and also imported from a CSV file.
  • IMPROVED Improved the accuracy of the portfolio view graph.
  • IMPROVED Improved IRR calculations. Previously Quicken wouldn't calculate an IRR if you didn't hold the security at the beginning of the period. Now IRR appears as long as you held the security during the period.
  • IMPROVED Previously the Market Value in the top banner of investment accounts was independent of the filter for the portfolio view. Now this number matches the selected accounts and currency for the portfolio view.

General Improvements & Fixes

  • IMPROVED Drastically improved the performance of auto-saving a backup file when quitting Quicken.
  • IMPROVED Improved auto-categorization.
  • IMPROVED Improved the Clear button. On views where there are multiple accounts, the clear button would always appear. Now the Clear button only appears if the default filters are changed.
  • IMPROVED Changed the way the running balance column works in the transaction register. Previously the balance number would be hidden if sorting by any column other than date and CLR. It was also hidden when the transaction list was filtered. We received a number of calls from customers who were confused by it being hidden. The running balance column is calculated and reflects the balance based on the sort order of the transactions when viewing them and is not a static number tied to a particular transaction.
  • IMPROVED Improved the Add Account experience. Quicken will first try to sign-in to your bank account using Direct Connect which is a higher quality method of connecting to your bank. If this fails, then Quicken will automatically fall back to Quicken Connect.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the message "The transaction recorded but is not visible in filtered view" would appear after adding a transaction even though it shouldn't appear.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where an exported QXF file from Mac was failing to import into Quicken Windows with a "Memory Allocation Error".
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the Clean Up Payee preference wasn't working for Quicken Connect accounts.
  • FIXED Fixed a number of the top crashing issues.

5.5.1 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that would occur when importing Quicken Essentials files with investments.

5.5.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED Dramatically improved investment transaction download performance. Thanks to Joe for his patience and pushing us to investigate direct connect and launch performance issues. More to come.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where creating an intra-bank electronic transfer on the weekend popped up a warning message saying the transfer couldn't occur because it was a holiday. This prevented transfers from working properly. Thanks to pauldv172 who was the first to report this.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the transaction report where tags on splits didn't appear, print or export. Thanks to RickO and michael1212 for bringing this issue up in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the tax schedule report wouldn't show the capital gains from security sales in different currencies if there weren't any other tax-related transactions in different currencies. Thanks to Gilles for bringing this to our attention.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where bill pay check numbers were being lost. We fixed a few things around this issue before, but we think we have finally found the root cause and fixed it.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when launching Quicken if the saved default view was a grouped investment (such as Investing, Brokerage, Retirement or Education) with one of the accounts in that group deleted.

5.5.3 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed an issue that prevented Quicken Windows investment files from importing properly.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where investment placeholders weren't appearing in the transaction list.

Previous Releases

Version 5.4.4 (12/2017)

General bug fixes and improvements

  • FIXED Fixed a sync bug where Canadian investment account types were overwritten by Other.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the printed transaction report didn't display the transaction amounts.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the accrued interest category wasn't being set for accrued interest transactions created from a Buy Bond transaction. Thanks to everyone that brought this up in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the column names in the customize transaction report dialog didn't match what is defined in the register. Thanks to RickO for reporting this in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the editable areas in an investment or loan register become misaligned from the blue highlight after resizing the columns.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the payments chart legend in a loan couldn't display the Euro and other currency symbols. Thanks to JohnM who reported this in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed a major Quicken Windows import issue where linked transfer transactions between accounts of different currencies would be imported and the amounts changed because Quicken for Mac doesn't support linked transfers with different values. Now the transactions will be unlinked and the category will be changed to Transfer so that balances remain correct.
  • FIXED Fixed a handful of the top crashing issues.

Version 5.4.0, 5.4.1, 5.4.2, & 5.4.3 (12/2017)

Feature Improvements for All Customers

  • NEW Added the ability to choose columns for the transaction report.
  • NEW Added a total row to the transaction report.
  • NEW Added the ability to Pay Bills and Edit Details using the updated Bills menu in the Bills view.
  • IMPROVED Clicking on an amount in the Summary or Comparison report brings up the new transaction report. This fixes a number of issues with the old report and properly classifies items into Income and Expense vs Money In and Money Out. For now, you can't click on a transaction to go to the register but we'll be adding it back soon.
  • IMPROVED Added the ability to switch from a bond to another account type. Before Bonds couldn't be switched. Thanks to Bob in the forums for making this suggestion.
  • IMPROVED Added the symbol field to the security edit bond screen. In previous versions, the symbol field was hidden. Thanks to TomB for making this request.
  • IMPROVED Clicking on Edit Accounts in Preferences now logs the customer into their account automatically without having to re-enter their credentials.
  • IMPROVED Clicking on a PDF statement in the Bills view now downloads directly to the Download folder and opens in Preview instead of using a browser.
  • IMPROVED Alerts now have improved icons.
  • FIXED The Net Worth balance was restored in the upper right corner of the All Transactions view. Thanks to BruceH for pointing this out in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the new investment transaction view where toolbar buttons were disabled and the default selection didn't always work.
  • FIXED Fixed a data issue when turning off the Single-Mutual Fund feature with cash transfers.
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where balances that were the same between 2 different download sessions wouldn't update the online balance date which could affect Reconcile.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the investment combined views of Investing, Retirement and Education where the Cash row didn't always appear at the bottom of the account group. Thanks to JM for reporting this issue.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Web Connect file. Thanks to DaveS for testing the fix for us.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash in the assigning lot feature.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Quicken Windows file.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when using a Single Mutual Fund with tags on cash transfers.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when the Reconcile dialog is open and converting a liability to a loan.

Feature Improvements for New Canadian Members

  • NEW Canadian members will now see Canadian investment accounts such as TFSA, RRSP and RESP instead of US account types. This will not be available to Canadian customers with a US membership now but the plan is to make this available soon.
  • NEW Features that aren't available for Canadian customers such as Bill Pay and Bill Presentment are now hidden so Canadian customers with a Canadian membership won't have to deal with features they can't use.
  • COMING SOON We are still working on getting Canadian categories and tax line items added to the product but they will be coming soon. The Tax Report has been removed for now.
  • IMPROVED Budgets now default to the home currency.

Version 5.4.1

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that a number of people hit while trying to download transactions.
  • FIXED Fixed an asset sync error.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where securities in the Group by Security view would always display their lots. They should appear collapsed.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where clicking on a lot would display the Security pop-up. It should only work on the Security name.

Version 5.4.2

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that occurred when moving the mouse over the first column in an empty portfolio view. This would occur most often in the Realized Gain view.

Version 5.4.3

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where customers receiving a required password change request from their financial institution couldn't change their password because the password field was disabled.

Version 5.3.0, 5.3.1, & 5.3.2 (11/2017)

Version 5.3.2

  • FIXED Found an issue when turning off the Single Mutual Fund feature in an account where there are linked transfers. We'll be temporarily blocking the ability to turn off the feature as we work on a permanent fix.

Version 5.3.1

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where opening the reconcile dialog would cause the Balance column to disappear in the account register.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the reconcile dialog under narrow conditions. Thanks to RexK who reported the issue and helped us test the fix.
  • FIXED Fixed a Quicken Windows import crash that would occur if there was a loan transaction that only had a single transaction split. Quicken Mac was expecting 2 splits.

Version 5.3.0

  • NEW Added a new Edit Details menu item to the Bills & Income menu where you can quickly edit the details of a bill.
  • NEW Clicking on a security name in the Portfolio View now pops up a menu. The menu displays the security symbol and 2 buttons. One goes to Edit Security and the second goes to a web page that provides detailed information about the security.
  • IMPROVED The chart in investment portfolio view now has a smoother line.
  • IMPROVED Improved Bills & Income so that Credit Card bills that are set up as linked transfers appear only in the Bills list once and doesn't appear under Income.
  • IMPROVED The portfolio view chart now recognizes when the user picks an As-of-Date that is before any money was invested in the account. In this case, Quicken will tell the user that there isn't any data to graph for the as-of-date selected.
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where the Print menu item was grayed out when looking at the investment transaction view.
  • FIXED The chart in portfolio view can be resized or hidden but unfortunately the height of the charts wasn't remembered. This is now fixed.
  • FIXED Fixed some rounding error issues in investment transactions that would cause bogus placeholders to appear.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where changing the sort order for some columns in the portfolio view would move the total row around. It should always remain at the bottom of the list.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the Day Open column in Portfolio View only returned 0.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where account selection in Projected Balances view would affect other views such as All Accounts.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that would occur when selecting investment accounts that only had a placeholder without any real transactions.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that would occur when hovering over the cash flow chart under Projected Balances view in an account with a zero balance.

Version 5.2.2 (11/2017)

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where 2017 files stored in a location such as Documents wouldn't be automatically found after upgrading and instead Quicken would offer to open an old 2016 or 2015 file. If one didn't notice this, it could result in opening an old file giving the impression that data was lost. This doesn't happen if the file was stored in the default Quicken location under Library/Application Support.
  • FIXED Fixed one of the top crashing issues that could occur when switching from an investment account to another account and running on macOS El Capitan 10.11.

Version 5.2.1

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur after upgrading if there were Add Share investment transactions without a security.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur if there was a downloaded transaction that auto-matched a scheduled transfer with multiple split lines in another account. Thanks to David McB for his help on this elusive crash.

Version 5.2.0

  • General bug and stability fixes.

Version 5.1.1 (Pre-Release)

  • General bug and stability fixes.

Version 5.0.0 & 5.1.0 (Pre-Release)

What’s new in Quicken 2018?

  • NEW Bill Presentment: Automatically link online bills to see the current due date and amount due
  • NEW Customizable investment portfolio view with performance (IRR) tracking
  • NEW Explicit lot assignment
  • NEW Improved support for Single Mutual Fund (SMF) and 401k/403b accounts.
  • NEW Loan What If Analysis
  • NEW Multiple currency and conversion on sidebar and transfers
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