About the FITID Requirements for Quicken

Note: This information is intended for representatives at financial institutions with questions about how to implement integration with Quicken and does not apply to end users.

The requirements for FITIDs are:

  1. FITIDs can be a maximum of 255 characters long (OFX requirement). 
    Note: Intuit strongly recommends using FITIDs of 32 characters or less. See below for complete information.
  2. FITIDs need to be persistent for the lifetime of the transaction. If a customer downloads the same transaction multiple times, then this transaction always has the same FITID value.
  3. FITIDs need to be unique for each transaction within the same account. Quicken filters out all transactions that contain duplicate FITIDs.

Why does Intuit recommend using an FITID of 32 characters or less?

Quicken uses the tag value to determine whether a particular transaction is a duplicate or not. To do this, Quicken saves and references each FITID value each time a customer makes a new download. If a customer's register or OFX download contains a large number of transactions, and if the FITID value is long, then the time it takes to check all transactions for duplicates could increase significantly.

It's difficult to say how much of a slowdown a customer might experience if the financial institution chooses to use an FITID value that is greater than 32 characters. In addition, all of the following items also impact performance:

  • available memory
  • processor speed
  • number of transactions in the account
  • number of accounts

While Quicken itself can manage the larger FITIDs, the processing of searches, reports, and so forth will take longer.

Additionally, when customers download a large number of transactions from the server into an account that already contains a large number of transactions, it may take a while to process, compare, and display the transactions in the register.

For more information about recommended field length limits, see section 3.2.3 of the OFX Specification.

For questions, e-mail quickinfo@intuit.com.

Note: This e-mail address is for financial institution use only.

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