Accounts and Transactions Don't Appear in Snapshots, Reports, Graphs, and Other Analysis Tools

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Quicken groups items by their primary use. It includes only the items in specific groups in snapshots and analysis tools, such as reports and graphs. However, you can change the items displayed by moving an item to the group that is being displayed. For example:

  • If you consider your credit card as a liability, you can move the credit card out of the Cash Flow group and into the Property & Debt group.
  • If you frequently pay bills or other ongoing expenses from a savings account, you can move the savings account into the Spending Accounts group to include those transactions in the In/Out/What's Left snapshots.

To move an account or transaction from one group to another:

  1. Select the Tools menu and select Accounts List.
  2. Click on Edit Details on the account you wish to move.  Then choose the desired location from the Account Location drop-down menu.
  3. Click OK.

Note: You cannot move a linked checking account into the Investing Center. Although a linked checking account looks like it appears in the Cash Flow area, its cash balance is automatically included in the associated investment account total.

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