View The Quicken ID Password in Keychain (Quicken for Mac)

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Mac 2019
Mac 2016
Mac 2017
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If you don’t know your Quicken ID Password, you can see if it’s stored in your Keychain on your Mac:

To resolve this issue

  • Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Open the Keychain
  • Select Passwords on the left sidebar.
  • Double-click the item named Quicken ID (you may need to sort the list by Name and scroll to find this item.)
  • If there are multiple items named Quicken ID, double-click on each one and look for the Quicken ID in the Account field.
  • Click the Show password checkbox and enter your keychain password when prompted (typically it’s the same as your OS X login password.)
  • The password will be shown in the field next to the checkbox. Enter this password in Quicken for Mac when asked for the Quicken ID password when importing the Quicken document (you can even copy-and-paste it.)

If there isn’t a password stored on your keychain, or the password is rejected as incorrect, you can reset your password on the Quicken website here.


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