Can I share my Quicken file between multiple computers using Dropbox?

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Sharing a single Quicken file across multiple computers is not recommended for new or non-technical users, and is not officially supported. This is because opening the same Quicken file on multiple computers at the same time can result in data damage or even file corruption. If your file is damaged, you have no option but to restore a backup. Subscription Release users can access Quicken on the Web on any computer to review accounts, without needing to install Quicken on additional computers or move data files. 

If you do attempt to share Quicken files across multiple computers using Dropbox, you'll need to follow these rules:

  • Never have your Quicken file open on two computers at the same time. This will lead to file damage. 
  • Never open your data file or backup file directly from Dropbox.  Always move the file to your desktop computer, then open it, to prevent file damage.
  • Make frequent, automatic backups, in case a file is accidentally accessed at the same time on different computers. 
  • Services such as OneDrive or Google Drive can be used as a location to store backups of your Quicken data files.  We don't recommend storing your active data files, or installing Quicken, on these drives.  If you restore a backup that is located in your cloud drive, make certain the restored file is saved locally on your hard drive before using the file.
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