Canceling Pending Online Payments

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You can cancel any single online payment instruction up to its processing date (which is the delivery date minus the lead time). You can also cancel one payment in a series of repeating online payments or all pending and future payments for a repeating online payment instruction.

If you cancel a single repeating online payment that you've designated as a loan payment, Quicken adjusts your loan calculations to show that you didn't make the payment.


  1. From the Quicken Online menu, choose Online Center.
  2. Select the financial institution from which the payment is drawn, then click the Payments tab.
  3. On the Payments tab, select the payment, and then click Cancel Payment.
  4. When asked if you want to cancel the payment, click Yes.
  5. Click Update/Send to initiate an online session and complete the cancellation.

Note: Payments that have not been sent can be deleted from the Online Center.

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