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Before you begin: The information below applies only to online payments made with Bank Bill Pay through Direct Connect. 


In some cases, Quicken will show an error when you try to delete online payees or payments within the software. This can happen if the payment or payee you want to delete has already been deleted from your financial institution's server.

It is important to contact your financial institution to verify the payment information in Quicken matches what is on the financial institution server. If the information does not agree, you are likely to miss payments or send duplicate payments.

Deleting One Time Online Payments

  1. Open the account register with the payment.
  2. Click to select the payment you want to delete.
  3. At the top of the register, click Delete.
  4. At the Delete Current Transaction prompt, click Yes.
  5. Quicken displays a message, "This is an online payment that is due on [payment date]. To delete it, choose Edit menu > Transaction > Cancel Payment, then send it from the Online Center." (The exact wording of this message may vary).
  6. When you see the message described above, press and hold the CTRL key and click OK.
  7. Quicken displays a message, "Do you want to delete the transaction anyway?" (The exact wording of this message may vary). Hold CTRL and click Yes.
  8. If Quicken displays subsequent messages regarding this same payment, hold CTRL and click Yes (or OK).

If the above process fails to remove the unsent transaction:

  1. Open the account register to select the unsent payment.
  2. Hold CTRL + Shift and click the Delete button on that transaction.
  3. Keep CTRL + Shift held down while responding to all messages.

Deleting Recurring or Repeating Online Payments

  1. Choose Tools menu > Manage Bill & Income Reminders.
  2. Click to select the repeating payment you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete at the top of the scheduled transaction list.
  4. Click Delete to confirm. 

Deleting Online Payees

  1. Open the Online Payee list in Quicken.
  2. Select the payee you want to delete, press the CTRL key and click Delete.
  3. Click Yes or click OK to the confirmation prompt.

NOTE: You can only delete a Payee if there are no pending or scheduled payments for that Payee.  If you're unable to delete an online Payee or Payment, be sure to verify that these transactions are NOT pending or scheduled under Tools > Online Center > Payments. Anything listed as "Scheduled for delivery" is a pending payment, and the payee cannot be edited until the payment is processed.  

If you delete a Payee, any transactions associated with the Payee will remain in your register.

What if a deleted payee reappears in my Online Payee List?

You may notice that after you've deleted an online payee, the payee reappears in your Online Payee list.

This may happen if your payment processor doesn't allow you to delete online payee information. In this case, Quicken adds the payee back to your Online Payee List. This way, Quicken maintains a complete list of all your online payees.

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