Changes to your Capital One account services in Quicken

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What's happening?

Capital One is changing to a new method of providing data to applications like Quicken. Going forward, you'll use a Capital One-hosted sign in form to authorize downloads.  The overall process for adding accounts and downloading is the same, but the screen you use to sign in to Capital One will look different.

With this new connection method, you'll sign in to authorize your Capital One accounts directly from Quicken, rather than storing your passwords in the Quicken Password Vault or Mac Keychain.  

For your security, Capital One may periodically request that you reauthorize your accounts in Quicken by signing in again. This may happen every 90 days or so.

What does this mean for me?

The new Capital One experience will be added to Quicken for Windows and Quicken for Mac starting 6/4/2018, and continue over several weeks.  When you update your accounts in Quicken, you'll be prompted to authorize your Capital One accounts–just enter your Capital One username and password, check the box next to each of your accounts, and then authorize the access.  Make sure all of your accounts are checked, even if they're already added to Quicken.  See this FAQ for complete instructions for Windows, or this FAQ for instructions for Mac.

If you have multiple Capital One accounts

Capital One is changing its connection types with all of its financial institutions, and this means you'll need to authorize your accounts for each Capital One financial institution individually. 

For example, if you have a checking account with Capital One 360, and a credit card account with Capital One - Credit Cards, you would need to go through the process twice, one for each financial institution.  Don't worry–Quicken will prompt you if you need to go through the process more than once.  

If you do need to go through the migration process more than once, it's important that you don't uncheck any accounts listed on the authorization screen, unless you don't want to see the account at all in Quicken:

Changes to your Capital One account services in Quicken

If you uncheck accounts during the process, this will revoke your authorization, and prevent the accounts from updating.  If you've unchecked accounts, you can just follow this FAQ for Windows, or this FAQ for Mac, to authorize them again for download into Quicken.


NOTE: if you have multiple accounts with just one Capital One financial institution, you'll only need to go through the process once.


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